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Mandom Bifesta Cleansing Sheet (Oil In) 40 pcs
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Brand from Japan: Mandom. Waterproof mascara also drops and moist and soft skin. Cleansing oils and cleansing ingredients that are familiar to make-up cleansing ingredients derived from lotion quickly float the waterproof type of mascara and thick make-up and wrap it down while protecting the moisture of the skin. Beauty oil (squalane) formulation. It gives moisture to the skin which is dry and dirty and wrinkles, and leads to smooth and smooth skin. 1 piece of makeup from the make-up remover. Even without washing it off OK. You can use it as a make-up lotion in the morning. Plenty of liquid to wipe the whole face with 1 piece. Large size sheet. Easy new skin development per soft skin adopted soft sheet. Plastic cap that it is difficult for liquid to dry until the end. Friction reduction formulation considering gentleness to the skin. No fragrance, no coloring. How to use: Open the cap and pull out the inner plug's ring with your fingers and open it. Do not return the sheet that you used with clean hands and taken out once. Take out one by one and wipe gently. Use on dry skin. Repeat until the sheet becomes dirty while folding the sheet so that it can be wiped off with a clean surface. When dropping a thick eye makeup, wipe gently after blending for a while. You can proceed to the next step of skin care without rinsing. To prevent deterioration of quality due to drying, hold down the cap tightly after use. Use after opening as soon as possible.

Mandom Barrier Repair Smooth Facial Mask 5 pcs
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Brand from Japan: Mandom. To the skin that plenty of beauty essence wears to the stratum corneum and plumps want to touch. Baby water lipid, leads to skin that you want to touch unintentionally with high penetration lap formulation. Low irritation prescription. Preservative free, no fragrance, no coloring. Tororuri, blended plenty of Hita's beauty essence. Skin is soft, it fits perfectly on the face, superbly soft adhesive sheet. Difficult to peel off even if facing downwards. Super soft glue sheet secret. Multilayer structure sheet: It is hard to drip while plenty of beauty essence. Size that fits in the face: It is hard to peel off because it cuts to a size that does not affect the hairline. Fitting three-dimensional cutting: Using overlapping sustains a close eye contact, mouth feel. Super pleasant and super smooth type that you want to touch for a long time. Ceramide like ingredients (moisturizing) formulation to texture. How to use: It is a standard of 1 to 2 times a week. After washing the face, remove the mask from the bag and spread it close to the whole face. After about 5 to 10 minutes (especially when drying is worrisome, about 15 to 20 minutes) peel off the mask and let it blend the essence remaining on your skin with your palm. It is solid cutting according to your face. Separate the slit and overlay it along the irregularities of the face to make it more intimate and increase the cleaning effect.


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